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Aushadhi Introduction

About us

Aushadhi' Organic Textile for Health

Aushadhi reflects our love for the environment and defines our passion to work for it. Through our innovative process of producing herbal textiles and dyes, we want our business to help in impeding pollution and harm caused by regularly dyed textiles. At Aushadhi we see a futuristic world where every user may enthusiastically choose herbal dyed fabric without compromising on design, quantity or quality. Thus we are accomplishing this dream through our Global Organic Textile Standard certified processes. Our variety in processes on a diverse range of fabrics not only reflects our superior capabilities but also our interest in high quality. This paired with our beautiful range in colours and prints allows us to be at par with the enormous industry.

To add to this we take pride in our practice of recycling the solid as well as liquid waste produced. This not only allows us to be the producers of fabric that is completely eco-friendly, but makes our process a reflection of our belief: We live and dye naturally.

Mission To expand our business venture around an innovative process of producing herbal textiles and dyes. Thus help in preventing global warming and pollution related to textiles. Introduction

Aushadhi' is a dream venture of Arun Baid and Sonal Baid.

At Aushadhi, our only dream is to offer options to each and every user to choose a herbal dyed textile over chemical dyed one, with no limitations to design, quantity, and quality

Aushadhi Textiles is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for all their natural/herbal dyeing process. Certified organic fabrics, textiles and yarns are used as the raw material. Dyeing, weaving, printing all is done under keen supervision to maintain quality standards. Dyeing of fabrics up to 120" width has been achieved. Even lengths of up to 1000 meters in different fabrics like voile, poplin, twill , flannel, corduroy, denim, knits, silks is now achieved at Aushadhi. Aushadhi Herbal Textiles Ltd has beautiful color palette of earthy shades and various prints ensuring no waste is generated. All the solid and liquid waste is used as manure and to irrigate their farms.

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