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Organic Fabric Product



Our herbal dyed organic products are soft to touch and will have more strength than conventional cloth in comparison. All products are biocompatible. The herbal colour are therapeutic to the eye, mind and body, All the herbs have therapeutic uses either botanically or through homeopath, often also doubling as nutritional supplements. Herbally dyed textile is extra smooth and good for transpiration. Moreover, the colour are unique and are actually impossible to duplicate with corresponding chemicals dyes.

Organic Fabric

Our wide range of GOTS-Certified organic Fabrics will give you a chance to reclaim your relationship with nature. Aushadhi offers all fabrics herb-dyed and printed. Our fabrics are provided in ranges of plain, printed, and knit, further ranging in lightweight and heavyweight, finally maintaining a soft hand, drape and luster-perfect to suit all fabric needs.

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