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Organic Garments Product



Our herbal dyed organic products are soft to touch and will have more strength than conventional cloth in comparison. All products are biocompatible. The herbal colour are therapeutic to the eye, mind and body, All the herbs have therapeutic uses either botanically or through homeopath, often also doubling as nutritional supplements. Herbally dyed textile is extra smooth and good for transpiration. Moreover, the colour are unique and are actually impossible to duplicate with corresponding chemicals dyes.

Organic Garments

Aushadhi's 100% chemical-free herbal dyed organic garments are non-toxic, but also very comfortable. To save the planet, all we have to do is evolve ecologically. Partner with us to a cleaner, greener future. Choose from a wide range of simplistically designed clothing collection of men's, women's, night wear, yogo and baby products.

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